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The surprising thing about our mini Pico Projectors is that they weigh around 110-160 grams and are small enough to be kept in your pocket (think mobile phone size and weight).


These facinating small projectors are filled with features and functionality.  They use DLP or digital light processing technology and use LED/laser light source with a lamp life of up to 20,000 hours.


Our Pico Projector has a light output of 50 Lumens and an approximate projection size of 38-230cm and projection distance of .5 to 3 meters.


The lithium ion battery can be recharged through a standard USB interface.  The batteries can run the projector for up to 2 hours and the power consumption is a mere 6 watts.


Our projector will run from SD/TF card, USB or HDMI.  With the addition of a wireless dongle they will run from a smart phone or tablet.  They have a built in one watt speaker and can be paired with our mini bluetooth speakers.





Since our mini Pico Projector is small and very light it is easy to use for sales and pre-sales personnel for on the spot demonstrations and presentations as well as many home users.  The potential applications are very exciting as our projector is so small and lightweight that it can be integrated with many other portable devices.  




A range of accessories including tripod stand, wireless dongle, mini folding screen, smart phone connection cables as well as mini speakers are available.