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Wireless waterproof swimming bluetooth earphones

 nice 18f swimming headphones

If you enjoy the water, then you can't go past this amazing device.  The Nice 18 combines IPX8 Waterproof certification with a state-of-the-art MP3 player, delivering an unparalled audio experience in and out of the water.  A pair of Nice 18's are the best waterproof Bluetooth earphones for swimming available on the market, delivering home-stereo quality sound even when you're on your twentieth lap.


These headphones are designed for a wide range of sporting activities, such as swimming, surfing, snow skiing, running, hiking, golfing, cycling and more.  With a 1.5m depth immersion you can be doing your laps in the pool with your favourite music playing in your ears.  Completely self-contained, you can safely leave your phone or music player in the locker.  The Nice 18f offers 8GB of solid state storage, giving you all the space you need to load up your favourite music, podcasts and audiobooks.






Wireless Waterproof Swimming Bluetooth Earphones