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 Nice 5 Bone Conduction Headphones

 nice 5 - bone conduction headphones

IPX6 Weatherproof Bone Conduction Headphones.  Bone Conduction headphones conduct sound to the cochlea through cheekbones by vibration.  Listen simultaneously to your music and your surroundsings.  Your ears remain free, therefore you get to hear twice as much, without compromising on comfort, quality or style.


Wireless, open-ear sport headphones made to ensure safety; perfect for runners, cyclists, hikers and more.  Put on the earplugs enclosed in the package to receive better sound quality.  Continuous play time is about 6 hours.


Headband is made from a titanium frame, an element chosen not only for its strength and durability, but also for its infinte flexibility.  IPX6 weatherproof helps prevent any possible damage from sweating or rain.


The Bluetooth range is up to 10 meters and connects to your Bluetooth device.  Multi-point connection technology allows you to connect 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously, no longer needing to swtich between devices.  Bluetooth 4.1

$169.00 $99.00
NICE 5 Bone Conduction Headphones