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The mini bluetooth speaker is one of the more exciting innovations of the wireless technology era.  Our range of handy and durable speakers provide excellent sound, recharge quickly, fit in virtually any bag or pocket and withstand a few bumps and jostles in the midst of any users adventures.


The basic operation of our mini bluetooth speaker range is simple and intuitive.  Our speakers have great features and can be used in a variety of situations.



Basic Operation


Pairing is the act of forming a wireless connection between bluetooth enabled devices.  Once our mini bluethooth speaker pairs to a smart phone, tablet or other device the audio from that device plays through the speaker.


Volume and Playback Controls


Most of our speakers have exterior media control buttons for pausing music, skipping forward, moving back and increasing and decreasing the volume.  Some of our mini bluetooth speakers also have built in microphones that offer the feature of handsfree speaker phone functionality.  


Common Uses for Bluetooth Speakers


Watching Movies:  While dialogue and other movie sounds may experience a bit of lag due to interference, a mini bluetooth speaker kept in close proximity to a lap top or other media player, does a great job in enhacing the audio experience of movies and videos.


Group Conversations:  The speaker phone option on some of our mini bluetooth speakers allows everyone in the room to join in the conversation.  This applies to board room and businesses as well as family gatherings and greatly enhances the experience of video chatting.


Audio Anywhere Anytime:  Durability and waterproofing have made our range of bluetooth speakers exceptionally versitle and they can be used in the most challenging environments.  You can enjoy music in the shower or bathroom, kids can hear their sing-a-longs in a bicycle or stroller, backpackers can clip rugged waterproof speakers to their backpacks for music out in the open air.  


Charge Your Phone Anywhere:  With our unique battery bank mini bluetooth speaker you can charge your phone or tablet on the go, anywhere, anytime.


BM3 Mini bluetooth speaker with selfie function

 Mini Bluetooth Speaker

 Sound Beyond Size.  This mini Bluetooth Speaker will surprise you with the quality and power of sound.  Built in selfie function so you won't miss that special photo opportunity.  You will want to take this little speaker with you everywhere.  Available in five colours.



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